“I would highly recommend seeing Beverly as a practitioner for laser acupuncture. It is a modality to consider when treating any musculo skeletal inflammation, pain or congestion. I found her to be very effective in treating my old shoulder injury, by helping to break up scar tissue and increase my range of motion. The laser acupuncture also reduced discomfort for a strained lower back and sore knee. Consider Beverly if you have any type of “itis” such as tendonitis, bursitis or plantar faciitis. You don’t have to suffer with pain, seek relief!”   

– Dr. Brenda Gill


“Beverly’s warmth and compassion as a practitioner put you immediately at ease and her extensive knowledge is so valuable in assisting you to pro-actively manage your day to day health. I have witnessed countless examples of folks benefiting from her treatments that blend laser acupuncture, manual therapy, lifestyle coaching and nutritional guidance. Her approach is truly holistic and effective!”  

– Christy Nichol, Athletic Therapist



“Beverly Seip was the first person I ever trusted to do acupuncture on me. I sensed her to be a practitioner with deep respect for my whole being, capable of managing professionally whatever happened for me physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I was not disappointed. She introduced me to the amazing possibilities in traditional Chinese medicine, and has taught me to do what I can to nurture an internal ecology conducive to greater health and well being. She has remained curious, patient, confident that improvements are possible, and a great listener, through my challenges of dealing with chronic, difficult-to-treat illness over many years. My husband, although often skeptical of alternative medicine, has come to value and respect Beverly’s ideas and suggestions, because she grounds her views in research and clinical experience, and says “I don’t know,” or “There’s no research on that,” when appropriate.”

Vera Dyck, Clinical Family Therapist



“I was lethargic, feeling unwell and out of tune. I went through the laser treatments offered by Beverly Seip R.Ac. After the very first session, I felt terrific and very much energized. Throughout the next several sessions, I felt better each and every time. She is very professional and helpful she offered plenty of nutritional and lifestyle recommendations which helped a lot too. I recommend that people meet Beverly Seip and see what’s available for them.”

Chris Thompson



“I have been visiting Beverly for well over two years for ims and laser therapy. She has been my go to therapy for relaxation and overall Heath and makes my hectic life more manageable. I have done many different treatments over the years but find the laser acupuncture to be the most helpful. Painless, no needles and great results. But it takes a great practitioner to make it all work. Beverly is a highly educated caring and one of the most easiest persons to talk with and she listens and hears you. I highly recommend a schedule of visits . It will change your life in the most positive way”

Kim McNish


Healing at the Speed of Light.

Laser Acupuncture Treatments, TCM, and more are used to treat pain, injury, illness, and prevention. Treatments are suitable for everyone, young to wise.


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